Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drawing Lena Love!

Last night I attended my very first session of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Toronto Chapter. I don't think we could have asked for a better model with miss Lena Love. She wore some incredible outfits and struck very striking poses!
I wasn't paying attention during the intro to the first contest of the night...we were to Theme our drawing and this sketches theme was to be "Video Game Character". I just drew Lena as was and therefore did not win any contest. C'est la vie!

The girl in the pony tail is the photographer for the event.

This time I incorporated the contest theme into my drawing...Lena wanted a Dark Carmen Miranda. Dead fruit and a cobweb shoulder ruffle weren't enough to rate. But who cares...I had fun. This sort of 'life drawing' is really all about the model as a personality and character. Usually the point of the exercise is anatomy and not (necessarily) likeness.

p.s. In case anyone missed it in the comments section...Uhura from the previous post was played by Coco Framboise! She's a local burlesque performer!


James Figueiredo said...

Very cool sketches, J - I love the fluidity and autenticity you get with these quick sketches, not having to worry with details or likenesses.

And do your upcoming projects have anything to do with a certain upcoming weekly? Please say so!

J. (another one)

j. said...

James - Thanks. I like drawing with the Pitt pens so that I don't bog down in details. Especially with the costume drawings.

Sorry, no weekly stuff for me. I must be out of touch with my comic news because I'm not sure what project you're referring to. Actually, I have an inkling, but will have to check out Newsarama and find out if what I'm thinking of has been announced.

And how to get on the project if it has, indeed, been announced.


James Figueiredo said...

J, I was referring to the recently announced Wednesday Comics project by DC. The idea is that it will be a weekly newspaper-funnies-sized book, with short stories, and it involves a lot of really good creators. I have high expectations for that thing, it would be awesome if you got involved!


Anonymous said...

Great work here!

I'm inspired by all the great angle on your work

James M -

j. said...

James F - I thought that might have been what you were referring to. I'm not part of that...but I'd love to be! Right now Chiarello's 'casting' high profile names. I'm hoping it'll keep going long enough for me to get a stab at the Metal Men.

James M - Thanks!


Francis Manapul said...

this is cool! I might have to check out one of these dr. sketchys' one day.

disa said...


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